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Super Enquiry Simulator

What is it?

Super Enquiry Simulator is a game for the ZX Spectrum 48K which streamlines the thrills, and grinding tedium, of tackling intermittently obstructive bureaucracy. Simple to play, and packed with graphics and sounds to retain your interest once the joke wears thin.

How to play

For best results, please download the game file for use in an offline emulator, such as Fuse.

Alternatively, if you have JavaScript enabled and a physical keyboard, then you can play online.

Use keys 1 to 5 to select options, respond to continuation prompts (...), and speed up certain sequences. Don't try simulation mode.

More information

The cassette inlay, ready to print and trim, provides additional flavour, and further warnings for those tempted to try simulation mode.

To load the game on real hardware, play this piercingly-loud audio file into the cassette connection.

The source code is also provided. No rights reserved, so do what you like with it.

All feedback is welcome. If you like this game, then your support would be much appreciated.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com.

Files revised 19-11-2019.