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Super Enquiry Simulator

On the basis that a similar code dump for the Xenoxxx Funtime Show was of niche interest, tidying this one up is a low priority. However, it's fine if you just want to browse the raw pictures and text, and should you want to go deeper, most of the explanation from the earlier game still applies.

The following software is provided with no warranty, no guarantee of fitness for purpose, and may contain stupid bugs that will destroy your files, even if they haven't destroyed mine so far.

Disclaimer done. Here are the files.

Old versions:


The Docs folder contains these spreadsheets:

None of these files are required to compile the game, but some of them make it easier to understand what does what.


The Game folder contains the Data subfolder, and a bunch of source code.

SES.asm is the main code file. All the other .asm files, and the contents of the Data subfolder, will automatically be included when you compile SES.asm (I use zDevStudio.)


The Data folder contains:

The folder does not contain any .bin files. You will need to generate these yourself, as described in the next section.


The Utilities folder contains Python software that converts images, text, and game logic to .bin data files that the ZX Spectrum code can understand.

Copy all these files to Game/Data, then run them from there. When prompted to enter hex addresses:

You should now have all the necessary .bin files in Games/Data.

Further information

Many instructions for modifying the Xenoxxx Funtime Show still apply. However:

Questions, comments, bug reports? Please send them all to: comments at arbitraryfiles.com.

Revised 19-11-2019.