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Privacy Policy

This website does not use cookies or third-party tracking services.

When you request a page, our web server records your current IP address, so that we know where to send the page, and if provided, your referring URL and User Agent String. These detailed records are kept for one month, and we may check them for naughty robots trying to manipulate third-party analytics. Which we don't use.

Before purging those detailed records, we use them to generate aggregated statistics. These tell us which pages nobody reads, and that one stupid Kenny Loggins joke is either wildly popular or a magnet for naughty robots. We don't link IP addresses to actual people.

You may choose to send us an email, or perhaps several, with questions and comments. Lewd remarks and solicitations will probably go straight in the electronic bin, but we may store especially lovely ones, and our replies to them, until something breaks.

We may use the email address that you provide to reply to your email. We require no personal information, not even your real name, and will not disclose emails to any third-party without your consent, except as required to meet legal or regulatory requirements.

If you would like us to purge our records of your emails for any reason, such as future naughty robot overlords imposing sinister legal and regulatory requirements, them please contact us using the email address provided on this page.

You may, at your sole discretion, voluntarily choose to send us monetary tips for our work. We currently accept tips via PayPal, and may disclose our aggregated income to meet legal or regulatory requirements, such as convincing HMRC to take their slice. Unless you say that we can trumpet your generosity, nobody else will know how much you love us.

Should you have any questions about how we collect, store, or handle your personal data, then please send them to:

comments (at) arbitraryfiles.com

You also have the right to contact the Information Commissioner's Office should you have any concerns about our processing of your personal data.

Updated 20-03-2019.