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Xenoxxx Funtime Show

This free ZX Spectrum game was made for Mr. Biffo's Found Footage in October 2017.

To play, please download the game file for use in an offline ZX Spectrum emulator, such as Fuse.

Alternatively, if you have JavaScript enabled and a physical keyboard, then you can play online.

The controls are keys 1 to 5. There were originally no further instructions, only covert clues from a certain organisation, but tips and spoilers are provided further down this page.

If you like the Xenoxxx Funtime Show, then you may be interested to read about the inspiration.

The code is freely available for tinkering, though please note, Xenoxxx and all associated bio-engineered abominations remain copyright Paul Rose.

The cassette inlay, ready to print and trim, provides additional flavour (terrible artwork.)


The first half of the introduction can be viewed with any code, but only 121 will ultimately reveal the second half.

The second half of the introduction can be viewed with any code, but only 214 will reveal the game itself.

To skip past the introduction and straight to the game, type 214214 on the title screen.

The tunnel roamer controls are as follows. These directions also map to the second joystick port of Interface 2, with the fire button opening the roamer control menu:

The roamer menu can be safely ignored, for now, and the only other way to lose it in the starting area is by ignoring a warning message.

The roamer cannot open doors, but thorough exploration will reveal how to discover what lies on the other side.

The dormant roamer starts in the north section, which is more dangerous than the south. To increase your chances of survival, beware of strangers and strange happenings.

The key to the safety menu hides in the north section.

The registration plate of the abandoned car is part-randomised.

To obtain the safety menu code, move the dormant roamer west to the crab smells, then go south. The code is the numerical part of the abandoned car's registration plate.

The safety override is irreversible. Consider creating a save state once you have obtained the code.

The tunnels contain three factions requesting your assistance. You can't please them all.

There are more whimsical opportunities for destruction, and a willing assistant, if you can find them.

To blow the tunnels wide open, refer to the map, then keep knocking on the magic wall.

There is one more secret, a message which remains hidden even from the most subversive minds of Brannigan's Vortex. If you discover this message, and are the first person to let me know what it says, then you may claim a fabulous prize! Please note, prize may not actually be fabulous, and may involve a nightime visit from the authorities.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com.

Lightly refreshed 29-08-2019.