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Chunky Fringe 2021

Harrow Arts Centre, 4th September, 11am - 5pm.

Chunky Fringe 2021 was a gathering of teletext fans, game developers, and Digitiser Live 2.0 attendees who risked joining us indoors. The exhibitors from the teletext scene were:

Special thanks to Chris Bell, for tireless online promotion, to Bill, the returning roadie, and to Nadia at Harrow Arts Centre, who took all our last-minute changes in her stride.

The Antique Code Show (video) in the Elliott Hall starred:

Further thanks to those who arrived early to watch us, to Paul and Sanja who allowed us to massively overrun, to those who stuck with us as we massively overran, and to Peter and TammyLynn Kwan who recorded and edited it all.

Further reading and pictures:

Thank you to all our visitors.

Chunky Fringe will return.

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Updated 11-03-2023.