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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 30 - 29th October 2022

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It's been a bad two months for working on this game. Some reasons are my fault, such as attempting to move house, while others defy rational or amusing explanation, like why I'll be hastily composing my submission to a Parliamentary committee next week.

I am still working on the design documents, and my pace has slowed now that I'm really thinking about how the navigation mesh will work. It's the usual balancing act between speed and data size, complicated by compartmenting that data such that off-screen characters will see no more than the player does. The emerging process is that I have an idea, develop this idea until it looks promising, then check my other notes to discover what breaks most of it.

I guess this approach stems from my favourite games being those where you can do something unexpected or plain stupid, but don't hit an invisible wall. Many years ago, after Super Enquiry Simulator made an alleged game about bashing into those walls regardless, my starting point for this one was fancy multiple choice. Now I'm on the road to a walking simulator with no leg animation, which at least leaves enough memory for some antagonists who might not always walk through walls.

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