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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 29 - 29th August 2022

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Five-thousand words of design documents, and not one line of code.

I was half-happy with the progress, then August became a procession of head-spinning, plate-spinning events. Some of these are still whirling around, but at least none of the plates are broken yet, and I was already beyond repair.

This state of mind results in the occasional lucid moment, where the subconscious surfaces in the sea of panicked necessity to spot exactly where something written last week, month or year is a really bad idea. For example, tracking the progress of nested conditional execution statements with a stack was possibly the only way with a single-pass compiler, but another pass can simply embed how far to skip ahead if the condition fails. You know, and you probably do know if you're still following this, like the Z80 JR instructions expect.

For those who skipped ahead, planning for Chunky Fringe is on the plate next month, even though I was hoping to go back to Mr Biffo with some visible game progress first. It's fine though, because he now has a non-shambolic indie game developer outlet for his writing, and there was barely going to be space for a thousand words in this game.

More importantly for next year, Bellston is primed to not only open the first Digitiser weekend, but also to lead the celebrations of two very special anniversaries. I'll be happy in my corner on the Saturday, playable game or not.

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