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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 27 - 28th April 2022

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Block Party is over, and I got through the weekend without being asked where this game was. Hurrah!

I wasn't expecting to have made much progress anyway, so all considered, the middle of April was the least awkward time to catch Covid. I made good use of my self-isolation by drawing silly teletext pictures, and in the process, realised that I can actually use eight colours with a moderate sense of purpose.

In fact, the prospect of drawing the loading screen is now more exciting than daunting, but that's something for the far future. My development attention is now on breaking 1,000 line modules into proper packages, fixing all the freshly-revealed holes in my planning, and only then returning to the simple text importer plan which peeled back that whole tangled wad of sticking plasters.

It has been four years since I wrote the first development diary, and the current build actually has less interaction. On the plus side, I have passed the nadir of writing about teabags, and assuming that I can pull this off before the audience dies of old age, at least it will be more than a brief series of brief mini-games.

You're probably stuck with the overblown and nonsensical plot, though.

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