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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 25 - 24th December 2021

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This feels like chipping away at a resilient mystery egg, on which cracks appear outside of the work area. I continue on the theory that the shell will eventually break somewhere, and when it does, I am braced for a disappointing toy.

Disappointing Lionel Richie theme park joke.

The text renderer is progressing, though making text disappear afterwards is most of the work. The pixel font is uneven, and the sub-byte twiddling that enables forty columns isn't finalised, but there's now one less major diversion on the route to an actual game.

Which seems like a good moment to plug those who have finished actual games. Firstly Quang, who's second self-developed Game Boy title is now up for pre-order. I'm no collector - I don't even have a console which can play D*Fuzed - but this original puzzler seems too good to keep in the box.

If obscurity equals rarity, then Simon Daly, also unknown as chip-fork, is destined to be sealed in a fancy plastic case. Please take a look at Last Christmas Ever, before he becomes too valuable for air holes. It's a free, in his own words "vaguely interactive fiction".

Squint through the jank then you might see Raymond Briggs's dryly surreal twin, from the alternate 80s world where nuclear doom wasn't quite such a pressing concern. The ZX Spectrum version feeds delicate pencil colours through a neon teleprinter, if that's not punk enough for you.

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