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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 24 - 30th October 2021

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Chunky Fringe is over, and it was great to speak with Quang and Fred on The Antique Code Show. My performance wasn't so much fun for the audience, the conversation flowing better when I was backstage, but I have two years to finish that particular post-mortem. The game is calling.

"Will I be finished in two years? Can Quang and Fred adopt me? Hello?"

Free desaturated fever dream for every reader.

As those with all but the most discriminating immune systems know, the minor illnesses of the season can involve early nights and disturbed sleep. Perhaps anxiety dreams about chocolates sold by weight, not volume, are a defence mechanism against algebra. Regardless, I now have Bresenham's line algorithm doing its thing in all directions.

The original plan was to use the Python part of the virtual machine for visualising data, but now it seems as easy or difficult to draw lines between two points on the Spectrum itself. At least, while I ignore the dangerous distraction of drawing vector graphics at a quasi-respectable speed.

I have a tiny world sketched on paper grids. I have routines to import sets of coordinates, to link them together, and to map them to a perspective view. I have caused myself problems with non-orthogonal connections that I can draw just fine, but can't tell how long they are without most of the maths that I carefully avoided in the projection method.

I am tempted to fudge the solution. I am fearful that the accumulated errors will store up problems for the pathfinding. I am now writing things down in detail, so that when something breaks, I can follow the trail back to the nagging doubts. If the erratic decisions are entertaining, then I will pass them off as the effect of a bug that's going round.

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