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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 12 - 29th August 2019

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Remaining readers, both of them, were probably also present at Digitiser Live. They were probably also deep enough in old technology to attend Chunky Fringe, where I was hard to miss, steering one panel like a disqualified dodgem driver. Perhaps they were too polite to ask about the progress of this game. Either that, or it has completely faded from the public radar, which serves me right.

This ping is to say I have not forgotten, even though my latest distraction is tweaking some of the Xenoxxx pages. This started as a plan to make that game playable in a browser, but then I remembered that Mr Biffo's Found Footage is due some retrospective attention. It's the prog to the pop of the Digitiser show, or something like that, and the latent love for his deeper surrealism was demonstrated by the reaction to an Even More Beautiful Boy.

For new readers, the Beautiful Boy is a crudely-decorated polystyrene head that sometimes pops up through a hidden flap in the Digitiser desk, and the Even More Beautiful Boy is the unnatural progression via Frank Sidebottom. You are now informed, but remain no closer to understanding than the rest of us.

A more conventional distraction, relatively speaking, is The Digitiser Characters World Cup. I predict that Mr T, The Man, The Man's Daddy, and The Rapping Shoe will make the the semi-finals. The final, between Mr T and The Man's Daddy, will then be interrupted by a vengeful Dr Derek Doctors vaporising Wembley Stadium.

Remarkably, I have otherwise been focused enough to nearly finish my other game, with telephones. You know, that game which has been nearly finished since March. However, it now goes from start to finish with no gaps, and make about as much sense as it ever will. Drawing the inlay is the tallest hurdle left to clear, as clearly demonstrated by my previous attempt, but wonderfully bad cover art is something that I will be repeating for Digitiser.

So, I'm hopeful that the line will be clear towards the start of October, in which case, the next entry will begin with good news for the Digitiser game. Though on past performance, you may want to file that hope with my cup predictions.

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