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Digitiser: The Game: Development

Part 5 - 29th August 2018

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No news from me this month. I've been busy on another game, which only relates to Digitiser in the sense of a shared parts bin. So, here's a summer break from the usual programming, briefly covering other happenings around the scene.

But first, thanks to all those who sent in character suggestions. I won't reveal them now, to maintain some element of surprise, though can hint that a certain double act will be leading the investigation.

I can also confirm that the game should be at the Digitiser live show, whenever that is, finished or not. It will be worth attending, even if your only travelling companion is social anxiety, because once Mr. Biffo warms up you'll be no less unsettled than the rest of us.

Block Party 2018: Wigan

Even those who only read Digitiser for funnies, pixels largely incidental to their enjoyment, should consider attending Block Party 2018. The focus of this free weekend gathering is Teletext: an excuse to draw silly pictures, with a veneer of credibility to lure academic funding. Well, there's worse things they could be spending their money on.

You can meet some fine pixel artists, tireless archivists, and industry veterans who moonlight as bum monsters from another dimension. It's not about Digitiser, but you'll discover an undercurrent of love for such idiocy while expanding your horizons. Or, just turn up late for the part where everyone decamps to the nearest reputable hostelry.

I'll be there too, but don't let that put you off.

Smart Bomb!! #3

There's an artistry to pixel art that only becomes apparent if you can also draw without a grid, but appreciation can be hard work. Sometimes, all I want is slick, colourful immediacy that appeals to my inner child, which hasn't yet manifested itself as a freemium addiction. This is partly thanks to the oeuvre of Wil Overton, who is mildly allergic to self-promotion. Perhaps he is too busy drawing, or plotting an insurgency.

For example, you may have missed that he will be the Digitiser Show poster boy, drawing your favourite characters in his inimitable style. You can trace the influences, eventually, past the 16-bit intersection of animal and anime whimsy, to long-gone high street shops stuffed with toys and comics. Hyperactive, yet wistful, with a childlike sense of business.

Kids these days are apparently satisfied by stock/stolen assets directed by computer, or enslaved to the marketing morass that will gain sentience and destroy us all. While the financially astute generate Learn Colours with Marvel Postman Pat Pregnancy, Wil is crafting the third issue of the comic we'll need for light relief between hiding from our shiny overlords and thrashing them with pipes while they film a corpse.

The first issue came out in 2009, and was a thrilling editorial pile-up. The second, in 2015, was no less lively but far more coherent, videogames firmly in charge with cutting asides. Yet, there's still a sense of unrealised potential, that this will really find its giant hydraulic feet in a couple more issues, or around 2027 on the current schedule.

I can wait, but your purchase of an affordable digital copy of the second issue, or the extravagant physical pack for incurable collectors, may speed things along a little.

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