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Chunky Fringe 2023

Information for exhibitors.

Updated 04-05-2023.

Welcome to the special page for exhibitors at Chunky Fringe 2023.

Chunky Fringe is open to anyone who wants to share their interests. However, please note that we have limited technical infrastructure and wildly unpredictable visitor numbers, so our next biennial Block Party might be the better place to share your old technology love in depth.


Please book ahead, so that we can reserve you some table space. If you are bringing any mains-powered equipment without a current PAT certificate, then please arrive at 10:00 for testing, otherwise please arrive in good time to set up before the public join us at 11:00.

You will be responsible for the security of your own equipment, though we will keep an eye on it when you need to pop out. Keep your cable runs clear of circulation routes, and follow similar instructions from us and the Arts Centre when our public liability senses tingle.

Our returning exhibitors are from the teletext and historic Digitiser scenes, but what you display is up to you. Our only conditions are that it's legal, and no ruder than what Mr Biffo slipped out on public service broadcasting. If in doubt, then check with us or him first.


We have booked two-thirds of the Hatch End Suite from 09:30 to 18:30, and our public opening hours are from 11:00 to 17:30. There is ample parking outside, the room can be accessed via a shallow slope, and toilets are the main hall and possibly next door. If this is your first time, then we will be happy to make introductions, and there will always be someone present to handle minor catastrophes.

Typically, two exhibitors share one folding table and one four-way mains extension reel, but we can provide more space if you need it. The WiFi can be dodgy, so please bring your own mobile device if you need a reliable connection. Alistair is the person for all your table layout queries on the day, and please let me know too if the room catches fire or something. If in doubt, evacuate to the car park first.

We will provide self-service tea, coffee, water and biscuits. Complimentary pizza will be booked to arrive at 17:30, so please let us know your dietary preferences if you would like some.

We have also booked the Boiler House for some special events. You are welcome to join the audience, and Carl would be delighted to introduce your work to them. Nathan has kindly volunteered to also broadcast proceedings to the Hatch End Suite projector.

Digitiser Live is confirmed for Friday night, so we might be able to arrange an early drop-off option for your equipment. Please pester me to bump that up my to-do list.

Help Wanted

We are looking for volunteers who:


If you prefer to lurk first, then most of our exhibitors can be found on the Teletext Discord, or you can follow them via their individual links on the main event page.

Otherwise, you are welcome to contact me directly at the address below. Thanks!

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com