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Blocktober 2020

Online, 3rd to 31st October.

After the success of the last Block Party, we needed another teletext fix in 2020.

Main logo by ZX Guesser.

Chunkytext, our very own teletext service, hosted another fine art contest. There were live streams, where Dan and our ever-present techie Alistair brought you the following videos:

This time we hosted almost one hundred viewer submissions, including our first ever teletext game. You can still create and share your pages between our main events, so keep drawing - there are more links and tips for beginners from our last event.

We hope to return next year, retconning our uncertain fate at the end of the final broadcast.

Until then, keep it Blobby! Blocky.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 30-11-2020.