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Blocktober 2020

Online, throughout October.

(Updated 24-10-2020.)

After the success of the last Block Party, we need another teletext fix this year.

Logo by ZX Guesser.

The art challenge is now closed to new entries - vote now!

Chunkytext, our very own teletext service, remains open and ready for your general submissions. We will be reviewing all the new additions throughout Blocktober, so please include your details in the description field.

Join us on Discord and Twitch throughout October, when Dan and Alistair will reprise their hosting and technical duties to bring you the following streams:

Saturday 3rd October:

Saturday 24th October:

Sunday 25th October:

Saturday 31st October:

Schedules aside, Blocktober is a jam session for all teletext fans - newcomers and veterans alike (ukuleles optional.) You can join in as the mood strikes, but if you would like to be a scheduled participant, or have any suggestions for more events, then please get in touch. Thanks!

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com