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Teletext Art Contest

Blocktober 2020 - Monstober

Here are all the entries for the Teletext Art Contest, which was part of Blocktober 2020.

Plus, some more submissions that were not part of either contest, or which arrived after voting had begun.

All pages have been exported from Chunkytext as static images, using Level 2.5 rendering. Please click on each entry to view the original version, complete with any flash and reveal effects, and in one case, an entire teletext game!


"Grimmy" by Dan Farrimond - more work below.

"Boomer Buto Ijo" by Fidyan Genial - more work below.

"Not All Monsters Hide under the Bed" by Sarah Burgess - more work below.

Untitled by Jellica Jake.

"Cthulhu" by Andy Jenkinson - more work below.

"The Mirror" by Marco Varesio - more work below.

"Caspian Sea Monster" by ZXGuesser - more work below.

"Monstober" by @Jarfishing_.

"Spider Sucker" by Pixelblip.

"Security Access Tuner" by David Walford - more work below.


"Medieval Manuscript Fighter Turbo Alpha X" by chip-fork - click to play!

"Kids Listen Teletext" by Wow in the World - more work below.

"Coding" by an anonymous artist.

"PopMaster" by gkmac - more work below.

"GDPR consent notice" by an anonymous artist.

"Cyber City" by Nerd Jealous - more work below.

More submissions

"In-vision Decoder" by Nathan Dane.

"Oddzilla" by Steve Horsley.

"A Super Page" by Mr Biffo.

"Scarily Blocky" online collaboration by various artists - more collaborations below.

"Live Schedule" by Laurie Berkner.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 02-02-2021.