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Monstober Art Contest

Blocktober 2020

Having already run one big contest this year, it's time for something simpler.

Monstober is the word, and what that means is up to you. Here are the rules:

In our fine tradition of disappointing prizes, the winner will have the opportunity to select the title for our next art challenge. Thanks to Fidyan Genial, our previous winner, who provided the title for this one.

Sadly, we can no longer award jars of Wigan air for health reasons. However, the winner will also be entitled to a bag of genuine Milton Keynes Haribo, or whatever else is left over from the Halloween stockpile. Collection only.

General submissions

If you don't fancy entering this particular contest, we also welcome general submissions to Chunkytext, especially from newcomers. Please tag your work in the description field, so that we can credit you properly when reviewing your work.

How to make teletext pages

I use the Teletext Page Editor, which comes with full instructions, easy export facilities, and allows complete beginners to start writing rude words in seconds. Here's my warm-up for Monstober, which you can practice defacing. Other editors are available, as explained by Dan Farrimond.

For inspiration and technical tips, please see Twitter, the Teletext Facebook Group, and the Teletext Discord Server. You can also read my self-indulgent ramblings, if desperate.

Questions? Then please send me an email, or post them in the #block-party channel on Discord.

Have fun creating!

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Published 16-09-2020.