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Monstober Art Contest

Blocktober 2020

The public vote opened on the 24th of October, and closed on the 31st of October.

There were two categories:

Congratulations to Andy Jenkinson and gkmac, who won the Monstober and Miscellaneous contests respectively.

"Cthulhu" by Andy Jenkinson, and "PopMaster" by gkmac.

In our fine tradition of disappointing prizes, both of them may now claim their mini bag of Haribo from Milton Keynes. These are genuine Halloween leftovers, and in the interests of balance, I must point out that majority of grown-ups did not "love it so" enough to eat them.

Andy will also be invited to select the title for our next teletext art challenge. Thanks to Fidyan Genial, our previous winner, who provided the title for this one.

How to make teletext pages

When Chunkytext is hibernating, there are other ways to create and share your work.

I use the Teletext Page Editor, which comes with full instructions, easy export facilities, and allows complete beginners to start writing rude words in seconds. Here's my warm-up for Monstober, which you can practice defacing. Other editors are available, as explained by Dan Farrimond.

For inspiration and technical tips, please see Twitter, the Teletext Facebook Group, and the Teletext Discord Server. You can also read my self-indulgent ramblings, if desperate.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 30-11-2020.