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Block Party 2022

The Centre for Computing History, Cambridge

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April

The Centre for Computing History kindly provided their classroom area for our semi-regular celebration of teletext, videotex, and other character-based delights. There were panels, unpopular workshops, big names from the tiniest of scenes, and an art contest.

Logo by Wim.

Chunkytext, our very own teletext service, remains open for viewing. We also appeared on Telstar, for those readers with 1200 baud modems (or an online viewer.)

This was the schedule, though by Sunday we were busking it big time:

Saturday 23rd April

Sunday 24th April

On the 7th of May we took over the Teletext Sofa Club for a retrospective special, which is also available as audio highlights.

The exhibitors were:

We'll be back next year with more low-bandwidth technology and art. If you like Teletext, or Viewdata, Prestel, Minitel, PETSCII, and more, then please join us. Jason is our social media supremo, our Discord server is open to all not-bots, or email me the old-fashioned way (address below.)

Until next time, keep it blocky!

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 03-06-2022.