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Teletext Art Contest

Block Party 2022

Here are the submissions to Chunkytext from Block Party 2022, exported as static images with Level 2.5 rendering.

There were three categories in the Teletext Art Contest (full results here):


"Peace Dove" by spiny/TMT.

"BBC Three Ceefax" by Robert Hampton - more work below.

Untitled work by an anonymous contributor.

"SQ4ENR Promotion Page" by EinarTheSad.


"Sophisticated Sixels" by Andy Jenkinson.

Untitled biscuit tribute by Dan Farrimond - more work below.

"Remembering Scott Hall" by Fidyan Genial - more work below.

"At some point she started enjoying the attention" by Max Haarich - more work below.

"xoxo" by Jellica Jake.

"Sherlock Hound (1984)" by David Walford - more work below.

Untitled collaboration by Dan Farrimond and justadude.

"DG" by Jason Robertson.

"Play School" by gkmac - more work below.

"Ukraine flag" by Peter Kwan - more work below.

"Headlines" by Mort Smith.

"Xenomorph" by Carl Attrill - more work below.

Untitled portrait by Alistair Cree.

Challenge - "Falling"

"Fall of Icarus" by by Fidyan Genial.

By Wim.

"It doesn't matter how you fall. It's how you land." by Max Haarich.

By tius.

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Uploaded 02-06-2022.