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Block Party 2020

Online, 25th & 26th April.

Also in Cheltenham, eventually.

(Updated 10-05-2020.)

The physical gathering remains postponed, but the fun continued online regardless, with only a minimum of judicious editing required to avoid content being removed for legal/musical/toast reasons.

Logo by Dan Farrimond.

The art contest is now closed. Entries and winners here.

A full retrospective will follow soon, and in the meantime, you can watch these recordings of our various live streams:

Our very own teletext service, Chunkytext, features over one hundred viewer submissions, which include pictures, stupidity, and reveal jokes, and you can still add your own pages.

The Teletext Discord Server remains open all hours, Podcasts continue, and those VHS tapes which you find while cleaning out the house may contain valuable information.

Keep it blocky! I think that's the official catchphrase.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com