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Block Party 2020

Online, 22nd April to 9th May.

Also in Cheltenham, eventually, we hope.

The small matter of a ban on public gatherings didn't stop us having our fun online this year.

Logo by Dan Farrimond.

There was an art contest, and as my retrospective shows, that was only a small part of the biggest virtual gathering of teletext enthusiasts this year. Perhaps the only gathering, but we'll take what we can get. Recordings here:

Our very own teletext service, Chunkytext, features over one hundred viewer submissions, which include pictures, stupidity, and reveal jokes. You can still add your own pages, so dive in before even considering reading my self-indulgent art tips.

The Teletext Discord Server remains open all hours, Podcasts continue, and those VHS tapes which you find while cleaning out the house may contain valuable information.

Keep it blocky, and we hope to see you next year (or sooner.)

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 01-07-2020