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Teletext Art Contest

Block Party 2020

Here are all the entries for the Teletext Art Contest, which was part of Block Party 2020.

All entries have been exported from Chunkytext as static images, using Level 2.5 rendering. Please click on each entry to view the original version.


"Jakarta's Pandemic" by Fidyan Genial

"Morse and Lewis" by Nikki

"Tonco @ sunset" by Marco Varesio

"A Nazal in his C5" by Szeliga

"PDA" by enhanox

"Elizabeth Sladen" by Beeblepete

"Gyroid at the party" by Squirmelia

"Blossom Tree" by Chris Young

"Monolith" by Blippypixel

"RoboCop" by Walter Newton

"Venn diagram" by Peter Kwan

"VR Troopers" by Vesmé

"Trump Tails" by Sam Meech

"Poem" by Nedd Jean Louis

"Block Rockin' Beats" by T&CsApply


"Croc" by Dan Farrimond

"Computer World" by Carlos

"Inattention [Confinement]" by Raquel Meyers

"Solatorobo: Red the Hunter" by David Walford

"Turner returns" by Mr Biffo

"MF35" by ZXGuesser

Red Button

"Button Chan and Yerro-kun" by Fidyan Genial

"Red Button" by Andy Jenkinson

"Red Button" by Dan Farrimond

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Updated 20-10-2020.