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Teletext Art Contest

Block Party 2020

The public vote opened with a live stream on the 2nd of May, and closed with the results show on the 9th of May. There were three categories in this contest:

The results are also preserved here. Congratulations to the winners: Blippypixel, ZXGuesser, and Fidyan Genial. They each win a ride in the invisible Ferrari of Wigan, when we can find it.

Most importantly, thank you to all our entrants. You can see their work in full here, or at a glance below.

More teletext art?

Even when Chunkytext is hibernating, there are other ways to create and share your work. We love to see work from newcomers, so don't be shy.

To create my contributions, I used the Teletext Page Editor, which comes with full instructions, easy export facilities, and allows even complete beginners to start writing rude words in seconds. Other editors are available, as explained by Dan Farrimond.

For more inspiration and technical tips, please see Twitter, the Teletext Facebook Group, and join us on the Teletext Discord Server.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 30-11-2020.