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Teletext Art Contest

Block Party 2020

Now closed

The public vote was open until 8pm on Saturday the 9th of May 2020. There were three categories:

The voting opened at 8pm on the 2nd of May with a live stream on Discord. Video recordings can be found via the main event page.

Here are the entries in full, which you can see at a glance below.

These were discussed by our panel of experts, but the winners were decided by public vote. And us docking one of the organisers 20% to stop them winning, as will soon be explained in the official revisionist retrospective. Rewards included fame, exposure, and the mythical invisible Ferrari of Wigan.

How to make teletext art

The contest is closed, but you can still upload your submissions to Chunkytext, or let us know when you publish them elsewhere. We especially love to see work from newcomers.

I use the Teletext Page Editor, which comes with full instructions, easy export facilities, and allows even complete beginners to start writing rude words in seconds. Here's a mouldy old page from last year, which you can practice defacing. Other editors are available, as explained by Dan Farrimond.

For inspiration and technical tips, please see Twitter, the Teletext Facebook Group, and the Teletext Discord Server.

Email: comments at arbitraryfiles.com

Updated 10-05-2020.