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Teletext Art Contest

Block Party 2020


Tabulated here for posterity, in the event that the polling service links go dead.


Monolith Blippypixel 29
A Nazal in his C5 Szeliga 27
Tonco @ sunset Marco Varesio 27
VR Troopers Vesmé 11
Morse and Lewis Nikki 7
RoboCop Walter Newton 6
Block Rockin' Beats T&CsApply 4
Elizabeth Sladen Beeblepete 2
Gyroid at the party Squirmelia 2
Jakarta's Pandemic Fidyan Genial 2
PDA enhanox 2
Blossom Tree Chris Young 1
Poem Nedd Jean Louis 1
Trump Tails Sam Meech 1
Venn diagram Peter Kwan 1


MF35 ZXGuesser 8
Computer World Carlos 7
Solatorobo: Red the Hunter David Walford 7
Croc Dan Farrimond 6
Inattention [Confinement] Raquel Meyers 6
Turner returns Mr Biffo 5

Red Button

Button Chan and Yerro-kun Fidyan Genial 13
Red Button Dan Farrimond 11.2 (after 20% Hat Tax)
Red Button Andy Jenkinson 9

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Updated 20-10-2020.